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Thank you for your interest in Solucracy. This site is intended to be a collaborative site and as for any community, we must respect certain rules as members:

    Please do not advertise your forums, blogs or sites if they are not directly related to the problem or conversation in progress.
    The administrators reserve the right to delete any message or post that they deem contrary to the mentality of the site.
    Please check that the problems or solutions you post do not already exist on the site using the search tools we provide you.
    Please be courteous, the objective here is to list the problems to solve them, not to create new ones.
    What is a problem for you is not necessarily a problem for someone else. You will probably see problems that seem insignificant or ridiculous, or even offensive, but they are very real to others. Thank you for respecting that.

What will you do with my data?

Solucracy needs some of your data to work properly:

Email :

If you have created an account or subscribed to the newsletter, Solucracy will keep your email so that you can log in. It will also be used to send you notifications if you have enabled this option.

When someone wants to invite you to Solucracy, you have the option of letting Solucracy keep your email so that the system knows that you no longer want to receive invitations or to delete it (but in this case, if 18 of your friends invite you, you will receive 18 emails). In the future, emails will be stored encrypted if you do not want to receive an invitation and used only for comparison to avoid inviting you 15 times in a row.

Address / geographical location :

Solucracy uses the address you entered to place the various votes on the card. We encourage you not to put your exact address, the street name is enough. We do not display votes on the map if there are less than 4 on the territory displayed to prevent someone from linking the voting position to your account if you are the one who informed the problem.

Data recovery/data deletion

Data recovery:

You can retrieve your email address and geographical location by going to your profile page and clicking on settings.

If you want to know all the information related to your activity in the system, just contact us using the contact form. It may take up to 1 week to process your request. If you really need it sooner, please mention it in the email and we will contact you.

Deleting data:

If you delete your account, your personal data will be instantly deleted and all your activity in the system will be anonymized. A code will be sent to you and the only way to go back is to provide us with this code, an email address and an account name so that we can restore this data.

And below, a whole bunch of legal stuff.....

The purpose of this document is to define the terms and conditions under which Solucracy, hereinafter referred to as the EDITOR, makes the site and the services available on the site available to its users and the way in which the user accesses the site and uses its services.

Any connection to the site is subject to compliance with these conditions.

For the user, simple access to the PUBLISHER's website at the following URL address implies acceptance of all the conditions described below.

Intellectual Property

All elements of this site, including downloadable documents, are free of copyright. With the exception of the iconography, the reproduction of the pages of this site is authorized on condition that the source is mentioned. They may not be used for commercial and advertising purposes.
Hypertext links

The website may contain hypertext links to other websites on the Internet. Links to these other resources take you away from

It is possible to create a link to the presentation page of this site without the express authorization of the EDITOR. No authorization or request for prior information may be required by the publisher with respect to a site that wishes to establish a link to the publisher's site. However, it is recommended to display this site in a new browser window. However, the PUBLISHER reserves the right to request the removal of a link that it considers not to be in conformity with the purpose of the website.

Liability of the publisher

The information and/or documents appearing on this site and/or accessible through this site come from sources considered reliable. However, this information and/or documents may contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors.

The EDITOR reserves the right to correct them as soon as these errors are brought to its attention.

It is strongly recommended to check the accuracy and relevance of the information and/or documents made available on this site. The information and/or documents available on this site are subject to change at any time, and may have been updated. In particular, they may have been updated between the time they are downloaded and the time the user becomes aware of them.

The use of the information and/or documents available on this site is entirely and solely the responsibility of the user, who assumes all the consequences that may result from it, without the PUBLISHER being sought for this reason, and without recourse against the latter.

The PUBLISHER may under no circumstances be held liable for any damage of any kind resulting from the interpretation or use of the information and/or documents available on this site.

Access to the site

The publisher endeavours to provide access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure or an event beyond the control of the EDITOR, and subject to any breakdowns and maintenance interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the site and services.

Consequently, the EDITOR cannot guarantee the availability of the site and/or services, the reliability of transmissions and the performance in terms of response time or quality. No technical assistance is provided to the user by electronic or telephone means.

The publisher cannot be held liable if it is impossible to access this site and/or use the services. In addition, the PUBLISHER may interrupt the site or part of the services at any time without notice, without any right to compensation.

Modification of the terms of use

The EDITOR reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, these terms of use in order to adapt them to changes in the site and/or its operation.

Rules of Internet use

The user declares that he accepts the characteristics and limits of the Internet, and in particular acknowledges that:

  • The PUBLISHER assumes no responsibility for the services accessible via the Internet and has no control whatsoever over the nature and characteristics of the data that may be transmitted via its host centre.
  • The user acknowledges that data circulating on the Internet is not protected, in particular against possible misappropriation. The communication of any information deemed by the user to be of a sensitive or confidential nature is at the user's own risk.
  • The user acknowledges that data circulating on the Internet may be regulated in terms of use or protected by proprietary rights.
  • The user is solely responsible for the use of the data he/she consults, queries and transfers on the Internet.
  • The user acknowledges that the EDITOR has no means of control over the content of the services accessible on the Internet

Applicable law

Both this site and the terms and conditions of its use are governed by French law, regardless of where it is used. In the event of a possible dispute, and after the failure of any attempt to find an amicable solution, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction to hear this dispute.

In accordance with the amended "Data Protection Act" of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you.

You can access information about yourself by contacting:


You may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of your personal data.

To learn more, consult your rights on the CNIL website.

If you have any questions about these terms of use of the site, you can write to us at the following address:


These general terms and conditions (GTC) are a complete or partial reproduction of the GTC Model (General Terms and Conditions of Use) of a website, the copyright owner of which is DROITISSIMO.COM, a legal information website for the general public.