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At the end of the participatory workshops, you will therefore obtain a list of projects, with a list of emails for each one.

It is important to support project leaders. The initiatives are still fresh and it is necessary to capitalize on the energy generated during the workshop. Engaged citizens must feel that they are not alone.

At most 4 to 5 days after the workshop, it is useful to send each group a summary email with some ideas to progress together towards their objectives.

Here is an example of an email you can send:


Hello !

As promised, here is a small email with the feedback on the project for which you registered during the Solucracy workshop and some ideas that may be useful. To check in in 1 month, here is a small survey to decide the date: you can use the framadate site to create the survey

In the meantime, it is important that you can meet at least once to discuss the project and next steps. Here are some questions you can ask yourself about the project to help clarify it and ensure that the whole team is aligned with the same vision:

* The purpose of the project: why do this project and what will it be used for?

* Description of the project today: what is it about?

* Description of the project once completed: what will it look like?

* The needs it meets * Short, medium and long-term benefits

* Current members, existing skills, missing skills

* The key steps for the project to be carried out

* Internal and external resources available and to be found


Recruit people:

The team can still grow, it may be useful to think about one or two sentences to summarize the project and talk about it around you, post them on social networks or ask to launch a call on the newspaper.

But mostly:

Don't forget to celebrate, rejoice and have fun! That's the main thing! ☺

Useful links:

Insert here some links relevant to the mentioned project

Insert here the information collected during the workshop