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(this document is still under construction, sorry for the dust)

What is the open space-?

You can find here all the available information on the subject The concept of the open space may seem simple at first sight but it is recommended to use a professional facilitator in collective intelligence to facilitate the workshop. We will document a list of people who can assist you in these operations.

How to apply it to Solucracy ?

  • The supervision team


  1. The host(s)

The person representing the entity (association, community, company) that initiated the project. Their objectives will include setting the tone of the meeting, focusing attention on the theme and objectives of the Open Space and stimulating participants

  1. The facilitator

The facilitator is the guardian of the process, who will accompany the participants throughout the workshop and ensure that the process is transparent and comprehensible.

  1. The logistics manager

The logistics manager will manage the details that go unnoticed when everything is going well but can ruin the afternoon if something is missing: That the bar is supplied, that participants are welcomed properly, that there is no shortage of pens, paper, etc....

  1. The note taker

The note taker ensures that all the participants' work will be well documented and available for later, that projects will be informed and contact information taken

  1. The bartender / The bartender

The bartender will make sure that everyone is well hydrated and must be available throughout the workshop to serve coffee, tea, etc.... It is very important not to serve alcohol during the workshop.

  • The material

You will need pens, markers, an A0 paper roll for the final fresco, paper tape and A2 sheets for each focus group. Any initiative, idea or technique to reduce the amount of material needed is welcome :-)

  • The posters

  • The process

> participant according to the number of participants
  host: knows the context, makes specific interventions. Will follow the process over time and guide with his opening speech during the day. Gives the possible perspective of the work over several months or years assistant assistant assistant guides, welcomes, helps participants to display, clarifies reassurance, helps to complete the forms. participant - choose themes, form groups, have ideas, identify priorities, are the keys to action in the field actions material
Preparation the discourse that sets the context organizes the reception area - rules of the open forum as a whole - rules in subgroups - process flow are placed near the board read their participant file received at the reception. - install the room in a circle, on 1 or 2 rows, - install the chairs of the subgroups. - title of the event and question of the day - Prepare 2 flip chart sheets to put the workshops of the day classified from 1 to 10 and table numbers - microphone - felt tape tape large sheets, post it - A4 sheets billboard (market)
14.00-14h15   Installation of the opening circle. Welcome by the host.        
14.15- 14.30h.   Presentation of the open forum process * state and clarify the rules displayed.       large A4 sheet, pen in the center
14.30-15.00   Agenda building / Theme proposals (theme+name) :, grouping similar themes/adjustment assistants guide people with the themes to be displayed, Micro-One by one people get up and write their theme and state it Posting on the market place A panel for free display. Large sheet with a double entry table with 10 tables and two sessions.
15.00-15.45h participant sub-circle by theme 1st session 10' before the end indicates the time to prepare the report that will be done at the end. participant in the group, facilitator, secretary, benevolence recognize the diversity of points of view, seek convergence   prepare sheet A2, pen by group and 3 post-its to identify 3 points to be presented during the restitution
15.45-16.00h   short pause       coffee, tea, garbage
16.00-16.45h   2nd, session 10' before the end indicates the time to prepare the report that will be done at the end     Display reports by table  
16.45 17.15h   restitution: timing of group reports in 3 points, 1-2 min. and        
17.15-17.45h   Invites participants to join the action groups that interest them. One /two next dates are set     Registration on the contributing participant sheets  
17.45-18.00 Forum closing remarks, thanks, and next meeting planned and to be planned, help with storage? Fence circle   according to the number of participants 1 or 3-4 words,   in a circle rotate the microphone


Thank you Monica Huber for the way to display the rollout ! The positioning of each stakeholder for each step is much clearer.